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Julia Allert

Casual V-Neck Ankle Length Dress Deco White

Casual V-Neck Ankle Length Dress Deco White

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This designer dress is made of high-quality mixed viscose . Its trapezoidal shape, reaching ankle-length, creates an elegant and feminine image.The color adds a special charm to the dress and gives it sophistication. This rich shade emphasizes the beauty of the female figure and gives the dress a luxurious look.Women dress is equipped with a V-neck, which emphasizes the grace of the neck and neckline. The absence of sleeves allows you to move freely and creates lightness in the image.Special attention is paid to details, and the dress is decorated with a thin black edging. This decorative element gives the dress a contrast and completes itVintags overall look, adding a touch of luxury and elegance.This dress is a great choice for special events, evening meetings or other special occasions.
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