The "JULIA ALLERT" Brand has entered in fashion with the slogan "Breaking the rules".

"JULIA ALLERT" is a European designer Brand of women’s clothing created by a designer from Moldova.

The checked geometric shape, laconic palette, expressive graphics of details. The coordinated capsule assortment of blouses, trousers, dresses, jackets, coats and accessories: bags, glasses, belts, creates a complete and memorable image.

This is the image of calm confidence, inner balance and independence.

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Discover an array of stunning creations, each a testament to the artistry that defines the "Julia Allert" Brand.

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INSPIRATION for YOU- Silent Beauty...

LOOKS by Julia Allert

Immerse yourself in the realm of Julia Allert, where elegance and sophistication... 

NOW- The "Julia Allert" Brand is in virtual reality.

There are no more borders between physical and digital world, we are making the first steps in Digital Art as we are about art, style and fashion personality.
Breaking the rules!

Discover "JULIA ALLERT" Brand

"JULIA ALLERT" Brand- the brand has managed to break the patterns, put the personality in order to be appreciated and successful.