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Julia Allert

Wide Flared Trousers With Calla Flower Orange-Coral

Wide Flared Trousers With Calla Flower Orange-Coral

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These trousers are made of orange-coral suit fabric, which instantly attracts attention with its brightness. The fabric does not stretch and retains its shape, providing an excellent fit on any figure.Very wide flared trousers create a spectacular silhouette and gives your figure sophistication. You will look stylish and bright, standing out among the crowd.There is a cutout on the knee, which adds audacity and originality. This cutout is decorated with a unique handmade calla flower. This decor makes them really special.The trousers are equipped with practical pockets. The zipper and hook closure provides ease of use and also guarantees a secure fit. These high-waisted trousers will allow you to express your personality and create a unique
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