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Julia Allert

Polka Dot Long Sunburst Skirt Ecru

Polka Dot Long Sunburst Skirt Ecru

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This skirt is made of dense mixed viscose, which feels like a soft crepe and has a slightly rough surface. Inspired by fashion trends, it is a bright accent in your wardrobe.
Our ecru skirt is enlivened by a graphic print consisting of various sizes of black circles. The print gives the image structure and interest, and the color scheme creates an exquisite contrast. A skirt with an ankle-length silhouette of the sun emphasizes femininity and creates an image that is suitable for a variety of events. It is equipped with pockets that add convenience and practicality to your look. equipped with a zipper for ease of putting on and taking off. A designer skirt is not just clothes, it is a manifestation of your personality and style.
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