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Julia Allert

Polka Dot Dress With Stand Collar White

Polka Dot Dress With Stand Collar White

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Introducing our Polka Dot Dress, a perfect blend of style and sophistication. This dress is crafted from mixed medium-density viscose, offering the luxurious feel of soft crepe with a slightly textured surface. The design is both original and stylish, featuring contrasting elements that make it truly unique.

The dress is presented in a crisp white color, but its defining feature is the dynamic black circle print, adding intrigue and movement to the overall look. A standout black stand-up collar further enhances the dress's distinctive character and charm.

Designed with a silhouette that gently flares towards the bottom, this dress exudes lightness and femininity. Its flattering shape is designed to enhance your figure while providing comfortable wear. Practical aspects of the dress include a zipper and pockets, adding functionality and ease to everyday use.

Complete with long sleeves and a contrasting collar, this dress is a testament to elegance. It's perfect for those who seek a garment that combines comfort with a touch of unique flair, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.
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