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Julia Allert

Set - Long Button-Up Dress With Corset Belt Light Coral

Set - Long Button-Up Dress With Corset Belt Light Coral

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The dress is crafted from soft and body-friendly blended viscose, ensuring comfort and a delightful sensation against the skin. The dress boasts long sleeves adorned with decorative elements that expose open shoulders. The button closure lends a touch of playfulness and ease to the dress. The dress's straight cut underscores its simplicity and contemporary flair.
The corset belt is included in the set .A crucial feature of our corset belt is the special bones integrated into its construction. These bones provide reliable support and maintain the necessary shape of the belt, giving your waist a beautiful silhouette. Elastic elements ensure flexibility and allow for free movement. The corset belt has an adjustable fit. It's not just an accessory; it's the key to a flawless fit and self-confidence.
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