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Julia Allert

Evening Open Shoulder Blouse Black

Evening Open Shoulder Blouse Black

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Presenting our Evening Open Shoulder Blouse in Black—a designer piece crafted from mixed viscose, offering a smooth and pleasant touch to the body while allowing excellent stretch. The complex and original cut of the blouse features contrasting lines and shapes, creating a visually stunning effect that highlights the beauty of the fabric.

Short sleeves add a touch of lightness to the blouse, while the functional button closure in the shoulder area allows for versatile styling. You can completely close the shoulders for a more conservative style or leave them open to infuse an exquisite touch of romance into your look, providing flexibility for different moods and occasions.

The neckline of the blouse is adorned with decorative embroidered decoration, adding an additional dose of luxury and individuality to the piece. Elevate your evening ensemble with the sophistication and uniqueness of our Evening Open Shoulder Blouse in Black, designed for those who appreciate intricate details and refined style.
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