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Julia Allert

Designer T-Shirt With Calla Flower Green

Designer T-Shirt With Calla Flower Green

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This is a unique T-shirt that is sure to become a bright accent in your wardrobe. Made of dense and at the same time incredibly soft knitted material, this T-shirt will provide you with comfort and style in any situation. The round neck makes this T-shirt versatile and easy to wear. The uniqueness of this T-shirt lies in its two-part design. The upper part is made in a uniform color, giving the look elegance and restraint. And the lower part is decorated with a striped pattern, adding playfulness and dynamism to your style. But the real masterpiece of this T–shirt is a decorative detail in the form of a handmade white Calla flower. This delicate and refined element . Thanks to the skill of our artisans, each Calla flower is made with a love of detail, giving the T-shirt a special charm.
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