"…because you decide what to wear."

The spirit of Julia Allert's style is like a controlled explosion, a creative chaos and a taste, not an anarchy and indifference.

Stylish clothes, everyday clothes should not be monotonous. This is what Julia Allert feels and is reflected in each new collection. The past trends are reinvented and reinterpreted in a combination of styles, prints and textures that represent the woman Julia Allert: a strong woman, a woman who plays by her own rules and has her own definition of beauty.

"Julia will fascinate you and inspire you with personalized, unique and novel collections - both in the native country and beyond its borders. In the collections in which you will find exactly what represents you and will help you be unique in the multitude of trivial colours and dull lines. Collections full of possibilities to explore your style and make people see and find out who You really are and what you are like. "

»Be exactly what you want to be, here and now, with Julia Allert.»

#Vintage edition

"#VINTAGE is the highlight of fashion of the 1920’s to the 1970’s. It is one of the most popular fashion styles that has amazed and continues to amaze through the proportional mixture of past and present. #VINTAGE is the only trend that has successfully stood the test of time, preserving its originality and personality. This is brought to the fore of the Vintage collection: your challenge to give the green light to your character and the true woman in you. "

#retro memories

"Travel with style in the elegant and feminine past of the 60’s-70’s with the new #RETRO MEMORIES Collection. It’s a collection that derives consciously from the glorious past of fashion, but is stylized in modern combinations. It’s an aristocratic game of the trends of the past in harmony with those of the present. The items in this collection make you look independent, straightforward and, at the same time, fine. In addition, modern eco-leather accents lend you a rebellious and individualistic look."

#casual-business style

CASUAL-BUSINESS STYLE is a nonconformist collection, which breaks all habit and boredom patterns. t’s a collection that meets the needs of women who speak out against the monotonous formal outfits and fight the routine. Here you will find exclusive modernist clothing items with asymmetrical elements, lightly combined with the most trendy details.


#COSMO-SPACE print COLLECTION - a new style of prints created by Julia Allert herself. It is a genuine print with cosmic elements, which can be applied to any type of clothes. These elements are so abstract, challenging and fresh, even on an evening dress.

If you want to get out of the comfort zone and try something you won't see anyone else wearing, then the CosmoSpace Collection is what you are looking for.




"The designer Julia Allert is the first and only fashionable fashion brand in the fashion industry to offer the consumer the whole look, offering all stylish clothing at a affordable price - from a wide variety of blouses, pants, dresses, jackets, coats up to accessories, including bags, glasses, belts. Fabrics and materials used comply with international standards and are imported from renowned manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The "Julia Allert" brand has entered the local fashion market as a cry of rebellion against the mood, of the serial product, often and strident. With the slogan "Beaking the rules", the brand has managed to break the patterns, put the personality in order to be appreciated and successful. "

"Thus, the company "Julia Allert" produces not only clothing but creates the image that takes you out of the crowd, captures the attention and leaves strong impressions. The brand names "Julia Allert" are outstanding, expressive, remarkable.

For many years now, "Julia Allert" products have been requested both in the Republic of Moldova and in the international markets, for which reason offices have been opened in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Turkey and the Czech Republic."

The mission of the "Julia Allert" brand is to bring the personality out of the crowd, make it expressive and authentic by clothing, and, as a result of appreciation, to grow profitable in new markets.

If you read this message it means I propose you to try our special lifestyle feeling, new way of being and new look!

Welcome and thank You for Your purchase!

Truly Yours, Julia Allert.